Summer is over…or is it? Plus wayyy too many cat photos

Summer is technicaly over… But is it really? Weather is good, most of the days you can even go tot he beach.. ANd anyway I worked crazy a lot this summer.. I finaly have some free time so I refuse to accept that summer is over yet!! At least until it rains or the first time! 😛

End of August was my father’s birthday and we had lobster spaghetti.. DELICIOUS!!!

lobster spaghetti


In the summer we see a lot of these little gecko like lizards. In Greece they are supposed to bring luck and once they get in the house it means you will have guests  ðŸ™‚


gecko like lizard


Cats have been sleeping a lot since the temperature dropped a little…

sleepy kitty


This one has been sofa hopping!

sleepy kitty 2


Changed my route to work and discovered this gem neoclassical house!! Stunning!

neoclassical house


She sleeps a bit messier than the other one…

to much sleep


On a night walk we discovered this cat on top of the tree.. It was pitch black and had to use flash to take a look… This the outcome

cat on a tree

A little street on the way to work!




This little guy was trying to attack our cat… Sadly we had to kill it!

snake head

First clouds appeared along with the amazing temperature of 24 degrees Celsius! Summers in Greece can get unbearable!!!


first clouds

The moment I got my room in order se found her place on the printer and hasn’t left it since….


I sits I own


Fruits in autumn are GREAT!

fruit market

Having a quick coffe before going to the office in the afternoon!




And of course Lilly sitting on her new bed…  I decided to accept the fact that she owns it and even put a piece of fabric to make her more comfortable… Oh what you gonna do!! Cats decide… you follow!

I own your printer


I hope everyone is having a great autumn! It is my favorite time of the year! Temperatures drop just enough to make you feel comfortable, everything starts to become green with the first rains and I cannot dismiss the fact that it feel always soooo romantic…

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