Random snaps that were left behind since last spring!

So I decided that in order for this blog to seem still alive I will post a few snaps from last spring until about a month ago… As I still cannot find the time to upload proper posts I have decided that for the moment I will post snapshots (which are very often taken with my phone)! Enjoy 🙂


First spring coffee under the sun!!

Easter Sunday (a big deal in Greece) and little brother woke up late

The rollings on cement

Summer full moon can be majestic

It gets so humid in the summer that the road is literally shining

When autumn comes and it gets a little gold she always comes to sleep in the bedroom. As for the rest of the year she doesn’t care about usLilly in bed

Making pomegranate liqueur for Christmas! The easiest gift, recipe here!

I woke up to this… Cute and scary at the same time!

Don’t let looks deceive you he is a little devil!

Sunbathing after the storm

Oh hi, are you sitting on the computer? Oh well I’ll sit on your keyboard…

Yum yum!!


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